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Activities of the Society

The Society is a leading organization in Japan relating naval architecture and ocean engineering, and is widely developing academic activities on the same.

Technical meeting, symposium, etc

  • Annual meeting and conference (spring and autumn meeting)
  • Various symposia sponsored by research committees or branches
  • Training courses, etc.
  • Facility seeing tours sponsored by branches



  • Journal of JASNAOE (in Japanese) : twice a year
  • Bulletin "KANRIN" (in Japanese) : bimonthly
  • Journal of Marine Science and Technology : quarterly
  • Transactions of JASNAOE meeting
  • Texts of symposia


Research and investigation

  • Planning of research /investigation items by Research Planning Committee
  • Holding Planning Group for each field
    ( Performance / Dynamics / Structure /Strength / Material / Welding / Manufacturing / Design / Outfitting / Ocean Engineering / Ocean Environment / Information Technology )
  • Holding Project Planning Committee
  • Holding Strategic Research Committee
  • Holding Research Group for each field

Research Group, Committee

Professional development

  • Social education for NAOE
    (in cooperation with The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan, and The Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders)
  • Committee for Promoting Professional Engineers for NAOE
    ( in cooperation with The Japan Institution of Marine Engineering, and The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan )
  • Training Courses for Professional Engineer Examination
  • Cooperative work for JABEE
  • Enlightenment activities for young people on ship and ocean field

International affairs

  • Committee for International Affairs
    ( International Rules Group, International Exchange Group )
  • Making cooperative agreements with overseas relevant institutions
  • Organizing cooperative projects with overseas relevant organizations
  • Investigations on making standards of IMO, etc.
  • Sending young researchers/engineers to foreign countries


Head office of the Society
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2-12-9 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, 105-0012 Tokyo

TEL +81-3-3438-2014
  FAX +81-3-3438-2016
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