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Regular member ( entrance fee: 1,000 Yen , annual fee: 8,500 Yen )

Those who are interested in naval architecture and ocean engineering, and willing to broaden intellect and engineering ability shall be regular members.


  1. Bulletin "KANRIN"(in Japanese) is distributed bimonthly.
  2. The member can submit papers or articles to the publications of the Society.
  3. The member can obtain publications of the Society at the members' price.
  4. The member can give a presentation of his papers at technical meetings.
  5. The member can attend training courses, symposia, etc. sponsored by the Society.
  6. The member is entitled to be awarded for his excellent papers, research and/or academic achievements (JASNAOE Paper Award, etc.)

Student member ( entrance fee: nil, annual fee: 2,000 Yen )

Students of undergraduate schools, colleges, technical colleges, etc. shall be student members. Students of graduate schools shall be regular members, however, can be student members by their own request. Students of graduate schools who have main occupation beside student shall be regular members.


Same as for regular members except that the price of publications and fee for technical meetings are reduced to student members' price/fee.

Associate organizational member

Organizations who support the objectives and activities of the Society shall be associated organizational members.
( Annual fee: Special class: 1 million Yen and above, Class 1: 500,000-1 million Yen, Class 2: 100,000-500,000 Yen, Class 3: 30,000-100,000 Yen)


  1. Bulletin "KANRIN" and Journal of JASNAOE are distributed.
  2. Articles on the new products and/or new technology of the organizations can be presented in the Bulletin, etc.
  3. Employees of the organizations can attend the activities of the Society.
  4. Publications of the Society can be obtained at members' price.

Overseas member

Those who are living in foreign countries, and interested in naval architecture and ocean engineering to broaden intellect and engineering ability shall be overseas members.


Same as the regular member's benefit 1 to 6.
Annual fee for an overseas member is as follows depending on what publication the the member will subscribe.

Option of subscription entrance fee annual fee
(including shipping charge)
A (Six bulletins per year) 1,000 Yen 8,500 Yen
B (Six bulletins+two journals per year) 1,000 Yen 10,500 Yen

Procedures of enrollment

The applicant is requested to send filled-in Application Form ( downloaded from below ) to the head office of the Society by e-mail, fax or post.

mail[at]jasnaoe.or.jp +81-3-3438-2016

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