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"Ship of the Year 2016" Award Winners

Ship of the Year 2016 : DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY

A large car carrier with a capacity of 7,550 vehicles, this is the culmination of the environmental flagship that "K" Line has worked in their "DRIVE GREEN PROJECT" since 2013. Various technologies have been adopted to decrease CO2 emissions for environmental load-reducing. In addition, the ship applied the international regulations to reduce air pollutant substance (SOx and NOx) in advance of their going into effect, maintaining a collection of the latest environmentally advanced technologies. It's large societal appeal has made it highly evaluated.

Technology Special Prize : ARANAKI SUN, MANCHAC SUN, CAJUN SUN

The world's first methanol carrier mounted with a low-speed diesel main engine operated by methanol fuel. The vessel is excellent in environmental performance, as methanol doesn't discharge SOx, and the amounts of NOx, PM and CO2 discharge can be reduced. A variety of newly developed technologies and engine systems, that take into consideration the characteristics of methanol, helped realize the possibility of this methanol fuel ship with its comprehensive safety system and verified efficacy.

Large Passenger Ship Award : SHIMANTO

Ferryboat Shimanto is a simple outlook ship that seeks to employ energy-savings, power savings and maintenance savings operation. It will try to become the flag ship to promote innovative distribution productivity and modal shift in domestic ocean transport. This energy-saving designed ship utilizes a single screw, which is unique for a large domestic ferryboat, and has an approximately 20% rate of energy saving compared to the previous ship.

Small Passenger Ship Award : HIMESHIMA

Ferryboat Himeshima connects the isolated island of Himeshima to Itoshima City in Fukuoka Prefecture. Under detailed discussions with the island's residents, the boat was designed in a way that is fits the landscape of the Itoshima area while giving a sense of presence and providing a comfortable time on board. For a safe and enjoyable ride over the sea with a strong crosswind, the boat is designed to reduce rolling using a computer controlled mechanism.

Large Cargo Ship Award : NYK BLUE JAY

The 14,000TEU container ship with the world premium Dual Rating system main engine (one engine holds 2 output ranges). The high rating enables high speed operation while the low rating is suitable to optimum fuel operation during low speed running. Under the low rating operation, the ship has achieved a fuel consumption rate equivalent to a 20,000TEU class ship.

Small Cargo Ship Award : YUSEISHO

Unlike the traditional grab crane, this innovative self-propelling grab hopper barge is equipped with a backhoe type cargo gear to improve the labor environment. The ship not only transports earth, sand, crushed rock, and sludge, but also it can transport high grade materials with its weather-tight steel hatch covers. Superior controllability and its non-ballast operation saves man-power due to a unique pump-jet thruster.

Fishing/Work Vessel Award : UMEMARU

This unique round shaped tugboat was created through a totally new concept of externally attaching a full slewing thruster to a towed ship. It can be easily operated by this single-lever-controlled slewing thruster. Adsorption equipment can eliminate the tug line, saving 2 workmen from handling ropes.

Special Purpose Vessel Award : AUGUST EXPLORER

This is a self-navigating multi-purpose ship that is able to handle two abilities at once; to be an oceanographic ship to conduct surveys of underwater resources and a work ship to do construction tasks that maintain territorial integrity. 5 thrusters enable advanced DPS to conduct various jobs on the wide deck and with a 500t crane in Japan's entire EEZ (exclusive economic zone). It is expected to be useful in multiple ways including resource surveying and development, port construction, disaster relief assistance, and human resource development.

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