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Ship of the Year 2019 Award Winners

The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers has selected the E/V e-Oshima for the Ship of the Year Award 2019, which is given to the most innovative ship built in Japan every year based on technical, artistic and social considerations. This year, the 30th annual event, had 12 ships to consider.The candidate announcement meeting and the selection meeting for the Ship of the Year Award 2019 took place on July 27 with a web conference due to the constraints of COVID-19. In consequence, the Award 2019 was given to the ferry e-Oshima propelled with a battery-driven unit and an automatic navigation system, achieving zero emissions. Other winners of individual sectors were the KITAKAMI (Large passenger ship sector), SEA PASEO (Small passenger ship sector), UTASHIMA (Small cargo ship sector), YASHIO (Fishing/fishery research ship sector), and ISHIN (Work vessel/special service ship sector). The prize award ceremony, a joint event organized by the three academic societies in the maritime science sector, took place at the Kaiun Club on September 25.

(by courtesy of SEA-Japan)

Ship of the Year 2019 : E/V e-Oshima

The e-Oshima has achieved zero emission operation with automatic navigation system. The ship, a short haul ferry, can navigate by electric power that is supplied from 600kW lithium ion batteries, which supplies inboard electric power demand besides ship propulsion. This permits low-noise, vibrationless, and clean ship operation. Automatic navigation system enables automatic collision avoidance with other ships and prevents running aground. (See SEA-Japan No. 396)

Winners of individual sectors

KITAKAMI(Large passenger ship sector)

Now in service on the route between Sendai (Fukushima Pref.) and Tomakomai (Hokkaido), the KITAKAMI built by Mitsuibishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. has increased numbers of private cabins by discontinuing a big common room. Capsule-like bedrooms have been provided with increased privacy and security and functional inboard life. Moreover, the ferry has decreased energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 10% in comparison with the predecessor under the same ship speed conditions.

SEA PASEO(Small passenger ship sector)

The ferry SEA PASEO built by Kanda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is now put into regular service on the two hours and 40 minutes route between Hiroshima, Kure, and Matsuyama in the Seto Inland Sea. The ferry has been designed under the concept of "the pleasant park in the sea." The pleasant park is the ship itself, which is provided with contrivances encouraging passengers to walk around to find enjoyments on board the ship. So passengers can enjoy both the pleasant park environment and the Seto Inland Sea panorama.

UTASHIMA(Small cargo ship sector)

YASHIO(Fishing/¬shery research ship sector)

ISHIN(Work vessel/ special service ship sector)

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