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Seeking applicants for collaborative research program / financial support

公益社団法人 日本船舶海洋工学会
The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE)

事業の目的 (Purpose)



In order to encourage collaborative research programs relevant to the maritime industry involving research institutions in Japan and overseas, JASNAOE is offering to support such research programs financially.

Through the implementation of such programs, JASNAOE not only hopes to enhance technologies relevant to the maritime industry, but to also provide young researchers worldwide with the opportunity to participate in research programs at the international level.

補助金申込の条件 (Conditions for the application)

  1. 海外と日本の研究機関同士の共同研究であること。(両国の研究機関は各々単体でも複数でも良い。両国の研究者が参加していること。両国にそれぞれ代表者がいること。)
    Research programs shall be jointly conducted by research institutions located in Japan and located overseas. More than one institution for each side is acceptable, but only two program representatives shall be selected: one to represent the Japanese institution(s) and the other to represent the overseas institution(s).
  2. 両国の研究代表者は、40歳以下の中堅・若手を原則とする。日本の研究代表者は日本船舶海洋工学会員であること。
    Research program representatives should, in principle, be mid-level younger researchers who are 40 years old or younger. The representative of the Japanese institution(s) should be a JASNAOE member.
  3. 補助期間は最短1年、最長2年とする。
    Financial support for research programs shall be provided for at least a period of one (1) year, but shall not exceed two (2) years.
  4. 申込内容を基に当学会が審査の上、採択を決定する。
    Based on submitted documents, the JASNAOE will review proposed programs and conclude whether to grant support.
  5. 補助金額は、1件当たり年間100万円以下の補助を基本とし、当学会が審査の上決定する。日本円にて支払われる。
    The amount of financial support shall be at the discretion of the JASNAOE. In general, it is expected to not exceed one (1) million Japanese yen per project per annum. The support shall be provided in Japanese yen.
  6. 年度末(3月末)に成果報告書を提出すること。
    Research reports should be submitted to JASNAOE at the end of each Japanese fiscal year, i.e., at the end of March.
  7. 共同研究の成果を当学会にて発表し、発表資料を学会事務局に提出すること。
    Research results should be presented at the JASNAOE conferences, and relevant presentation materials should be submitted to JASNAOE.

補助金申込方法 (Procedure of the application)

  1. 所定の補助金申込書にて、両国いずれかの研究代表者から、学会事務局宛送付してください。
    申込期限:  2020年1月24日
    宛先: 学会事務局
    Relevant application forms can be found on JASNAOE's official website. Completed forms shall be submitted for each research program to the JASNAOE (office[at]jasnaoe.or.jp) no later than 24 January 2020. Forms may be submitted by either program representative.
  2. 研究の目的・計画・内容や期待効果については、補助金申込書の「目的」、「期待効果」の記述を補足する内容詳細文書と、文献リストを、各々A4、1ページ程度の任意様式で添付してください。

    ① 本研究の学術的背景と課題

    ② 本研究の目的と学術的独自性

    ③ 何をどこまで明確にするのかの具体的計画

    ④ 相手側とのこれまでのコンタクト状況(交換書簡を添付のこと)。


    ① 発表論文、著書、産業財産権、招待講演の中で本研究との関連性が深く、重要なもの

    ② 過去5年以内の研究業績

    Adding to the "Project purpose" and "Expected outcome" description in the application form, a detailed research project plan and information about the contents of the research shall be attached to application format. A list of reference produced by researchers in application shall also be attached. Any format can be used for these documentations, but as for the volume 1 sheet of A4 size would be desirable.
    In the attached documentation on project plan, the followings shall be included.

    ① Academic background and issues to be solved.

    ② Purpose and originality of the project.

    ③ Detailed plan of schedule of each issues of the research project and expected outcomes.

    ④ Current contact status with the counterpart researcher (Attach exchange letters)

    In the attached reference list, the followings shall be included.

    ① Papers, books, patents and conference presentation.

    ② Research projects involved in the last 5 years.

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