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Journal No.3
  1. An Ocean Model Using the Cut-Cell Method and Its Applications,
    M:Oikawa, Y.Kyozuka
  2. A Study on Correlation between Impact Pressure and Impact Sound Generated by Water Drops
    -Investigation of Effect of Plate Size -,
    Y,Higo, R.Yamada,
  3. The Evaluation of Modal Shift by Ecological Footprint Method,
    Pingjian Liu, E.Kobayashi & D.Horibata
  4. A Study on Draught Measurement System Using GPS Multi-path Signal,
    S.Okuda, Y.Arai, & N.Kouguchi
  5. Economical Feasibility Study on CO2 Sequestration in the Form of Gas Hydrate under Seafloor,
    M.Inui, T.Sato
  6. Tidal Current Power Generation Making Use of a Bridge Pier,
    Y.Kyozuka, T.Gunji & H.Wakahama
  7. A particular study on Marine Hazard Risk based on the System Dynamics,
    H.Arima & others
  8. Development of a Weather Adaptive Navigation System for Coastal Shipping,
    M.Tsujimoto & others
  9. The Optimization of Sea Transportation System between Japan and China using Genetic Local Search Method,
    T.Ariki. K.Suzuki
  10. Study on Tramper Allocation Planning Using Genetic. Algorithm -"Order Type" Ship Allocation-
    H. Matsukura, M.Katsuhara & H.Yamato
  11. Initial Plan of CO2 Marine Transport and Release into Deep Waters Allowed for Rough Sea State,
    M.Ozaki & others
  12. Flight Test of the Canard Type WISES by a self Propulsion Model of 3.6m Length,
    H.Akimoto & others
  13. Functional Consideration for Safety and Reliability with the aim of Establishing the Handling Support System of Liquid Cargo,
    N.Fukuchi & others
  14. Flow Accelerated Corrosion in Piping System of Marine Boiler Plant,
    Yuzhong Song & others
  15. Improvement of course-keeping Ability of a High Speed Mono-hull by Skegs,
    H,Yasukawa, N.Hirata, K.Kose
  16. Experimental Study on Wave-Induced Motions and Steady Drift Forces of an Obliquely Moving Ship,
    H.Yasukawa, Faizul Amri Adnan
  17. An Estimation of Flow Field around a Ship in Oblique Motion by a Three Dimensional Vortex Method,
    Sungwook Lee, K.Kijima & Y.Furukawa
  18. Cruising Performance of Ships with Large Superstructures in Heavy Sea- (2nd Report),
    T.Fujiwara, M.Ueno, & Y.Ikeda
  19. On the Prediction Method for Maneuverability of a Full Scale Ship,
    I.Aoki & others
  20. Study on CoastaI Cargo Ship Consisting of Unit Modules-Vertical Motions of Units and Connecting Forces in Oblique Wavesby,
    K.Saito & others
  21. Evaluation of Ride Comfort of High-Speed Passenger Craft (,2nd Report),
    M.,Arima, Y.Tamura
  22. Influence of the Body Shape and the Trapped-air on the Water Impact Problem,
  23. Study on Wave-making Resistance Reduction in Multiple Load Conditions- Multiobjective Hull Optimization using Real-coded Genetic Algorithm -,
    A.Hirayama & J.Ando
  24. A Basic Study on Response Characteristics and Draft Effect of Aircushion Supported Floating Bodies in Regular Waves- Model experiments and formulation of 3D theory for analyzing hydrodynamic forces -,
    T.Ikoma & others
  25. A Self-Organizing Decision Making System for AUVs (1st Report),
    S.Nishida, K.Ishii & T.Furukawa
  26. A Study on Transverse Stability Loss of Planing craft due to Lift Force caused by Super High Forward Speed,
    T.Katayama, M.Fujimoto, Y.Ikeda
  27. Three Variable Polynomial Displacement Function Method for Structure Strength Analysis
    -A Tool for Primary Structure Strength Design of Ships-,
  28. Finite Element Analysis for Thin Plates Having an Infinitely Long Length and Finite Breadth in Shallow Water Waves,
    T.Tsubogo, K.Masaoka & S.Yabuuchi
  29. Evaluation of the Residual Strength of Corroded Steel Tubular Members in Marine Environments,
    Y.Yamane & others
  30. General Buckling Strength of Ring-Stiffened Cylindrical Shells under External Pressure and Effective Breadth of Ring-Stiffeners,
    T,Yoshikawa, K.Yoshimura
  31. Method for Estimation of Fracture Toughness from Machined-Notch Specimen Based on the Weibull Stress Criterion,
    Y.Yamashita & others
  32. The Application of A3003/SUS304L Clad Material Produced Using Vacuum Roll Bonding to LNG Carrier,
    K.Sato, M.Tatani & T.Yoshida
  33. Analysis of Elastic Response of Very Large Floating Strictures with Joined Portion of Complicated Shape in Waves,
    T.Momoki, H. Yoneyama & T.Yoshida
  34. Development of ISUM Element for Rectangular Plate with Cutout,
    K.Ishibashi, M.Fujikubo & T.Yao
  35. A Study on Evaluation of Equivalent Thickness of Structural Members with Pitting Corrosion,
    T.Nakai, H.Matsushita, & N.Yamamoto
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