Paper Submission Procedure

The authors who wish submit papers to the Journal of The Japan Society 0f Naval architects and Ocean Engineers should submit the camera-ready text, together with summary, category to be reviewed, keywords of the papers, and the format to the office by E-mail . The Format is downloadable at the following file;

Submission Format - Journal of The Japan Society of naval Architects and Ocean Engineers -

  1. The basic areas of naval architecture and ocean engineering are the first category (ocean environmental technology) and the second category (maritime affairs and sea transportation), the former of which may also imply environmental science led by the technology.
  2. The third category (project planning) treats concept generation related to new concepts and products in , for example, socio-maritime systems, although the existing concepts such as ordinary ship or oil plat-form are excluded.
  3. The forth category (design and production technology) concerns with system analysis and production methodology.
  4. The fifth category (equipment technology) treats the system components themselves, and
  5. their basic technology and methodology are treated in the sixth category (propulsion and motion dynamics) and the seventh category (material and structural analysis), in which the originalities in the basic mathematical modeling and/or analysis method are reviewed, whereas the concepts and tools for the design and equipments are to be treated in the fourth category (design and production technology) and the fifth category (equipment technology). The two concepts, i.e., the design method and the analysis method, are clearly separated here.

List of reviewing categories

The Category Name of the category Keywords
The first category Ocean environmental technology Ocean research, Ocean environment, Ocean environment measurement, assessment and criteria on ocean environment, measures to prevent ocean pollution, ocean ecology and underwater instruments
The second category Maritime affairs and sea transportation Maritime network, Maritime database, Harbor facilities and loading/unloading system, Logistics, Voyage and sea transportation systems, Classification, Rule and regulation, International convention,
The third category Project planning System analysis, Conceptual design, Principal plan, Structural planning, socio-maritime planning
The fourth category Design and production technology Principal design, Performance design, Structural fundamental design, Structural detail design, Structural rules, CAD/CAE, Welding/workmanship/coating, Construction and on-site engineering, Maintenance, Inspection support system for ships and off-shore structures, Monitoring hull and machinery, Stress hysteresis measurement, marine environmental load assessment, Repair /modification/scrapping of ships and off-shore structures, Life cycle information management
The fifth category Equipment technology Main engine and propulsion system design, Equipment design, Deck machineries, Loading/unloading equipment, work boat, thruster, Fire, Escape
The sixth category Propulsion and motion dynamics Ship and Ocean hydrodynamics, Motion dynamics of ship and off-shore structure, Dynamical control, Ride comfort assessment, Environmental assessment for maneuverability
The seventh category Material and structural analysis Structural dynamics, Vibration analysis, Strength analysis, Collision analysis, material, fracture mechanism analysis
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