No.63 November 2015
No.63 November 2015
Photogravure: GALAXY RIVER
Feature articles: Fishing Vessel
  • Fishing Vessels, Gear, Method
    (by Yasuyuki Yamakoshi, Kenichi Sakurai)
  • From the Establishment of Fishing Vessel Act to Structural Reform
    (by Kazunori Harada)
  • Fishing Vessel Design (Part 1) - Ship Design and Regulations -
    (by Yoshihiro Horita)
  • Fishing Vessel Design (Part 2) - Hull Form and Propulsive Performance -
    (by Toshihiko Kawashima, Hitoshi Nishimoto)
  • Fishing Vessel Design (Part 3) - Motion Performance of Fishing Vessel-
    (by Daisuke Terada)
  • Fishing Vessel Design (Part 4) - Engine for Fishing Vessel-
    (by Katsuo Hasegawa)
  • Fishing Equipment (Part 1) - Fishing Machines -
    (by Kenichi Oda)
  • Fishing Equipment (Part2) - Nautical and Fishing Instruments -
    (by Shigeru Asaumi)
  • Safety of Fishing Vessel
    (by Akihiko Matsuda, Kousei Banura)
  • Some Problems of Fishing by Vessels
    (by Hideki Tsubata)
  • Future of Fishing Vessels
    (by Junichi Fujita)
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