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No.63 November 2015 Feature articles : Fishing Vessel
No.62 September 2015 Feature articles : Linear Structures
No.61 July 2015 Feature articles : KANRIN the 10th Anniversary
No.60 May 2015 Feature articles : Technical trends about steel materials for ship
No.59 March 2015 Feature articles : Trends of Unconventional natural gas development and LNG transportation
No.58 January 2015 Feature articles : New IMO code on noise levels onboard ships and noise control technology
No.57 November 2014 Feature articles : Japan-Brazil cooperation on technical challenges in shipbuilding and ocean development business
No.56 September 2014 Feature articles : EEDI (2)
No.55 July 2014 Feature articles 1 : Fatigue Damage Monitoring
Feature articles 2 : Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
No.9 November 2006 Vision on Shipbuilding Industry after 10 years time

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