No.9 November 2006
KANRIN Vol.9 November 2006
Photogravure: MS "UMIAKI"
Featuring Article: Vision on Shipbuilding Industry after 10 years time
  • On the issuance of the Featuring Article
    (Editing committee)
  • Demands of merchant ships and our expectations
    (Ken Yoshikai and Yusuke Takaki)
  • Discussion on designing
    "Vision on Shipbuilding Industry after 10 years time"
    (Kozo Yasuda, et al.)
  • Outlook for the shipbuilding technology and facilities- Part 1
    Shipyards after 10 years time
    (Sumio Koutake)
  • Outlook for the shipbuilding technology and facilities- Part 2
    Reslt of the survey about future shipyard facilities
    (Takeshi Shinoda, et al.)
  • Chapter 1 Toward the practical study of transportation system
    -Introduction of the current study and prospects for the future-
    (Hiroyuki Yamato)
  • Chapter 2 Scale of maritime transport in east asia
    (Hiroyuki Kosaka)
  • Chapter 3 Application of IC tags in transportation flow
    (Naotaka Ishizawa)
Expository Notes
  • Technical backgrounds of Common Structural Rules of IACS
    - CSR for Bulk Carriers -
    (Takuya Yoneya, et al.)
Short series
  • Compound phenomena and its mathematical model ?along with ship fire?
    (No.2) Macroscopic access to the phenomena
    (Nobuyoshi Fukuchi)
  • Approaches to the solutions by young naval architects
    (Shunji Fujino)
  • Invitation to maritime literary works
    (Hidemiki Kawashima)
  • Ice-strengthened 32,000 DWT Bulk carrier "UMIAKI"
  • Principal particulars of newbuildings
Report of conferences
  • ISSC2006 held on August 20-25, 2006 in UK
    (JSSC Committee)
  • "Solution of ill-defined problems" by Prof. Nobuyoshi Fukuchi
    (Masami Murayama)
Information corner
Reports of the research committee
Reports of research groups
Notice from the Society

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