Research Group/Research Committee
Research Activity Organizations and Supporting System

In order to promote and support research activities in the Society, JASNAOE has the research activity organizations and the supporting system as shown in the figure.

Research Planning Committee determines the primary direction of the research activity of the Society and sets up the necessary matters.Divisional Research Planning Group makes research planning, proposal of symposium, and other managements for the following research fields, respectively, i.e., performance/dynamics, structure/strength and material/welding, manufacturing, ocean engineering/ocean environment, information technology.

JASNAOE has Research Committees and Research Groups for research activity and information exchange.Both of them are to be set up according to the requests of JASNAOE members in any time. The Research Group is set up either as anationwide or local organization in order for the members to discuss and exchange information about a specified research field.Participation to the research group is in principle free and the group member is not commissioned by JASNAOE.

The Research Committee is to be set up under a clear goal with a limited period (within 3 years).It is categorized in two kinds, i.e., Project Research Committee, and Strategy Research Committee.Project Research Committee actually carries out a research on a specified problem in a limited period.The Strategy Research Committee makes research on the strategic issues of JASNAOE as an academic society.Both committee members are commissioned by JASNAOE.JASNAOE will make financial support to the Research Committees and the Research Groups as an basic activity expenditure.However, the actual research fund is supposed to be individually acquired by the Committee or Group under its own effort.

Moreover, JASNAOE sets up the permanent committees, i.e., JTTC Committee and JSSC Committee as the domesticorganizations respectively for The International Towing Tank Conference ITTC and The International Ship and Ocean Structure Conference ISSC.

Research Activity Organizations and Supporting System
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