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Ship of the Year 2015 Izumi / Hibiki

“Ship of the Year 2015”Award Winners

Ship of the Year 2015 : Izumi / Hibiki

The Izumi/Hibiki car ferry operates on the Shinmoji-Izumiotsu (Osaka) service, which has the highest cargo shipping capacity of any ferry on the Seto Inland Sea. She has significantly enhanced the car on-board capacity via upsizing, while achieving 20% or more in power saving by introducing a number of the latest energy-saving technologies. She also has a very quiet, fulfilling space and is expected to contribute as a driver for the modal shift to the reduction in environmental loads and the development of the regional economy.

Izumi / Hibiki

Vessel name : Izumi / Hibiki
Vessel type : Car ferry
Owner : Hankyu Ferry Co., Ltd.
Builder : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Delivery : Jan. 15, 2015 / April 16, 2015
LPP × B × D–d : 179.6 m × 29.6 m × 20.6 m–6.7 m
GT : 15,897 tons
Speed : 23.5 knots
Main engine : Wartsila 12V38C × 2

Awardee, Technology Special Prize : Sakigake

Japan’s first LNG-fueled ship Sakigake is an environmental load-reducing ship with a dual fuel engine. When using LNG fuel, she reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 30%, NOx emissions by approximately 80%, and SOx emissions by 100% compared to the use of heavy oil. She uses Bunker A to reduce operational costs and has specifications where the hull form and seaworthiness are as appropriate for practical use as conventional ships. The highly appraised, state of the art technology employed in this vessel is a result of the collaboration of many Japanese manufacturers and related agencies.


Vessel name : Sakigake
Vessel type : Tugboat
Owner : NYK LINE
Builder : Keihin Dock Co., Ltd.
Delivery : Aug. 31, 2015
LPP × B × D–d : 37.2 m × 10.2 m × 4.4 m–3.35 m
GT : 272 tons
Speed : 14.0 knots
Main engine : NIIGATA 6L28AHX-DF×2

Awardee, Large Cargo Ship Category : Millau Bridge

The Millau Bridge is the first of the 14,000 TEU container ships with the technologies necessary for supersizing the hull form and integrating improvements in transport efficiency. Efforts have been put into safety, where the vessel has been designed to meet the regulated requirements associated with the adoption of high-tensile steel plate. Development and maintenance have been made for the peripheral technologies, such as welding for achieving mass construction, and different types of power-saving technologies have been adopted.

Millau Bridge

Vessel name : Millau Bridge
Vessel type : Container carrier
Builder : Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Delivery : March 31, 2015
LPP × B × D–d : 350.0 m × 51.2 m × 29.9 m–15.5 m
GT : 150,710 tons ( 13,900 TEU )
Speed : 21.85 knots
Main engine : 11S90ME-C9.2 48,900kW

Awardee, Small Cargo Ship Category : Natori

The Natori is the first container ship to adopt the unique bulb bow construction in order to reduce frontal wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency. At the same time, the steering bridge and the accommodation space are located in the bow to improve carry efficiency. She is also equipped with advanced ship safety management systems, which allows the engine to be monitored from land 24 hours a day, predicting or detecting a failure in the engine to prevent a potential serious accident.


Vessel name : Natori
Vessel type : Container carrier
Owner : Imoto Lines, Ltd.
Builder : Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation.
Delivery : December 11, 2015
LPP × B × D–d : 126.0 m × 21.0 m × 9.2 m–6.0 m
GT : 7390 tons ( 548 TEU )
Speed : 16 knots
Main engine : HANSHIN MAN B&W 7S35MC7

Awardee, Fishing/Work Vessel Category : 88th Koyo Maru

The 88th Koyo Maru is a deep ocean purse seine fishing vessel constructed with new technologies. The state-of-the-art main shaft generator and power management system and the latest fishing system provide dramatically improved safety, operational efficiency (labor saving), and power saving. As a model fishing vessel for a new era, she is challenging the development of fishing grounds in the Indian Ocean, in addition to the Pacific Ocean as her main area of operations.

88th Koyo Maru

Vessel name : 88th Koyo Maru
Vessel type : Fishing vessel
Owner : Tokai Gyogyo KK
Builder : Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair, Inc.
Delivery : March 6, 2015
LPP × B × D–d : 69.0 m × 14.0 m × 8.32 m–5.38 m
GT : 760 tons
Speed : 17.44 knots
Main engine : NIIGATA 8MG34HX 2,942kW

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