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Fifth Issue, July, 1999


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22nd ITTC Meeting (22nd International Towing Tank Conference)
1. September 5-11, 1999
2. Seoul : Seoul Hotel Lotte, Korea : September 5-8
Shanghai : The Shanghai Worldfield Convention Hotel, China : September 8-11
3. Chairman : Prof. Choung Mook Lee of Pohang Institute of Science & Technology, Korea.
Secretary : Dr. Seung-Il Yang, KRISO
FAX : +82 42 868 7274
E-mail :
4. The ITTC is a voluntary, professional association of establishments and universities in the world that have responsibility in the prediction ofhydrodynamic performance of ships and marine installations based on the results of physical and numerical modelling. The ITTC site is hosted by Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering Korea. The China Towing Tank Conference (CTTC) and the Korea Towing Tank Conference (KTTC) will jointly host the 22nd ITTC.
5. This is the second time in Asia since 1987 when 18th ITTC was held in Kobe, Japan.

TEAM'99 KEELUNG (The Thirteenth Asian technical Exchange and Advisory Meeting on Marine Structures)
1. October 18-21, 1999
2. Keelung, TAIWAN
3. Prof. W. H. Wang, National Taiwan Ocean
FAX : +886-2-2462 5945
E-mail :
4. Topics:
*External and/or Internal Loads for Ships and Marine Structures,
*Structural Performance of Ships and Marine Structures,
*Structural Design Criteria and/or Structural Design Method of Ships and Marine Structures,
*CAD/CAM/CIM in Shipbuilding, Production *Technique of Ships and Marine Structures,

Third International Students' Congress of the Asian-Pacific Region Countries
1. October 26-29, 1999
2. Far-Eastern State Technical University, Vladivostok, Russia
3. Chairmen:
Prof. Gennady Turmov, President of the FESTU
Prof. Georgy Yeliakov, Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Local Committee :
Prof. Yuri Kulchin, Vice president of the FESTU
FAX: +7(4232) 266-988
4. Main goal : To exchange the results of scientific and technical development, to establish direct contacts between Universities, higher educational institutions and research centers of the Asia-Pacific Region Countries. Today's contacts of students and young scholars will promote future cooperation.

ISOPE IMS-99 (3rd ISOPE Ocean Mining
Symposium), Goa, India
1. November 8-10, 1999
2. Goa, India
3. Prof. Jin S. Chung
FAX : +1-408-980-1787
4. The purpose of the Symposium is to provide a timely international forum for researchers and engineers interested in ocean mining and technology and promote technical cooperation at an international level.
Abstract deadline : January 10, 1999,
Manuscript deadline : May 1, 1999
Final Manuscript is due : September 1, 1999

International Conference & Exhibition: '99 Marintec China
1. November 30 - December 3, 1999
2. Shanghai Exhibition Centre & Shanghai J. C. Mandarin Hotel
3. Ms. Wang Lingzhi
FAX: +86 21 64721270
4. Theme: "The Global Maritime Industries & International Cooperation in
the 21st Century". Organized by Miller Freeman/Seatrade & Shanghai Society
of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

STAB2000 (7th Int'l Conference on Stability of Ships & Ocean Vehicles)
1. February 7-11, 2000
2. Novotel Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
3. Dr. Martin Renilson, Australian Maritime College
FAX : +61 36326 6261
4. To promote a full exchange of ideas and methodology regarding the
stability of ships and ocean vehicles.
Topics : *Stability of floating platforms
*Ship dynamics in rough seas
*Non-linear dynamics
*Design for safety and regulatory aspects
*Stability of high-speed craft
Specialist workshops will be held in conjunction with the conference
covering topics such as:
*Intact stability
*Damage stability
*Nonlinear dynamics
*Special problems
*Environmental modeling
5. Reviewing more than 90 papers is now under way.
Organized by the AMECRC, AMC, UNSW, AMSA and RINA.

Sea Australia 2000 Congress
1. February 1-3, 2000
2. Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney
3. Sea Australia 2000 Congress
Locked Bag Q4002
QVB PO NSW 1230 Sydney, Australia
FAX : +61 2 9976 3774
E-mail :
4. Sea Australia 2000, a professional maritime forum promoting innovative marine technology will be held in conjunction with an international maritime and naval exposition, Pacific 2000. Sea Australia 2000 will provide a forum for discussion on further developments into the next millennium aimed at providing an efficient, internationally competitive Maritime Industry. It will promote innovative marine technology for the new millennium in all the diverse areas of the maritime industry including defense, ports and offshore operations.

IMDC 2000 (The Seventh International Marine Design Conference)
1. May 21-24, 2000
2. Hyundai Hotel, Kyongju, Korea
3. IMDC 2000 Secretariat
Hyundai Maritime Research Institute
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
FAX : +82-52-230-3410
E-mail :
4. Topics :*Design Methods,
*Design Criteria,
*Design of Systems,
*Design with Computers,
*Design for Production,
*Design for Operation and Maintenance,
*Design for Safety and Reliability,
*Design Education,
*Other Design related Topics
With support of Society of Naval Architects of Korea

ICHD 2000 (The Fourth International Conference on Hydrodynamics)
1. September 7 - 9, 2000
Conference tour on September 10
2. Pacifico Yokohama, Japan
3. Co-Chairmen :
Prof. Yoshimi Goda, Prof. Mitsuhisa Ikehata, Yokohama National University
Secretary : Prof. Kazuo Suzuki, Yokohama National University
FAX : +81-45-339-4099
E-mail :
4. Topics :
*Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,
*Coastal Engineering,
*Environmental Hydraulics and Water Resources,
*Industrial Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer,
*Computational Fluid Dynamics,
*Fundamental Research in Hydrodynamics
1-page abstract deadline : Sep. 30, 1999.
Notice of preliminary acceptance : Nov. 15, 1999
6-page manuscripts submission : Feb. 15, 2000

OC2000 (Fourth Osaka Colloquium on Seakeeping Performance of Ships)
1. October 18-20, 2000
2. Cosmo Square Int'l Education & Training Center,
Osaka, Japan
3. Chairman : Prof. Shigeru Naito, Osaka University
Secretary : Prof. Yoshiho Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture
FAX : +81-722-54-9914
E-mail :
4. Scope :
*Advanced theories on seakeeping,
*Seakeeping performance in severe seas,
*Viscous effects on seakeeping
*Assessment of seakeeping performance,
*Practical applications of seakeeping theories into ship design
Abstracts submission deadline : February 29, 2000
5. The venue is in the modern water front area of Osaka. Near the venue, the Osaka Maritime Museum will be open in summer 2000 where you can see the reconstructed HIGAKIKAISEN and history of world maritime culture.
HIGAKIKAISEN: Wooden Japanese Sailing Ship running between Osaka and Edo (Tokyo) in Edo Era (17th to 19th Century) transporting daily goods.

Wire Asia & TUBTEC CHINA in Shanghai
1. November 15-17, 2000
2. Shanghai
3. Ms. Wang Lingzhi, Shanghai Society of Naval Architects & Marine
FAX : +86 21 64721270
4. Conference and Exhibition
5. Organized by SSNAME, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute under
the Ministry of he Machinery Industry, Shanghai Society of Metals, Mack
Brooks Exhibition Company

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JAKOM-99 (Fourth Japan-Korea Joint Workshop on Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics )
1. July 12-13, 1999, Fukuoka Recent Hotel, Fukuoka, Japan
2. Prof. Yasushi Higo, Hiroshima University
FAX: +81-824-22-7194
57 participants from Korea, 69 from Japan and 4 from Australia, Italy and
China (60 students and 70 others). One of the events of 50th anniversary of
West-Japan Society of Naval Architects.

Comment of Dr. F. ZHAO, China:
It was great honored for my attending JAKOM-99. By your meticulous preparing, JAKOM-99 was held successfully and fruitfully. During the Workshop I have made a lot of new friends, especially young men from both Japan and Korea. I shared the Proceedings of the Workshop with my colleagues when I came back. Further, may I suggest that the Workshop would expand to all the Asian Pacific, including Japan, Korea, China, Australia and other countries. I wish I would have chance to take part in the next Workshop.
Comment of Dr. DOCTORS, Australia:
This two-day workshop was attended by 74 delegates, mainly from Korea and Japan. There were also researchers who had travelled from Italy, China, and Australia. The approximately 70 papers were of an exceptionally high standard and covered all areas of maritime hydrodynamics, particularly ship motions and free-surface effects on ships. A very friendly atmosphere existed at the workshop and this was no doubt due in large part to the excellent planning by the organizing committee.

Other Information
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RINA, Australia +61 2 9876 5421
HATM, Indonesia +62 21 316 8729
SNA, Korea +82 2 554 1006
SNAME, Shanghai +86 21 6472 1270
SNAME, Singapore +65 273 1867
SNAME, Taiwan +886 2 570 1845
SNA, Japan +81 3 3502 3150
SNA, West-Japan +81 92 642 3719
SNA, Kansai +81 6 6879 7594
RINA & ImarE, Hong Kong +852 2573 6966
RINA & IMarE, Malaysia +60 3 245 3787
INA, India (Tel.Number) +91 22 4468198

New President:
Society of Naval Architects, Japan
Prof. K. YOSHIDA -> Mr. Tadashi MANO
West Japan Society of Naval Architects
Prof. K. NAKATAKE -> Prof. Katsuro KIJIMA

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